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Friday, 27 September 2013

Stable $500+/Day Income with Adsense

Disclaimer: 1) This method will NOT get your Adsense account banned.
2) This method involves some investment. Amount depends on how fast you want results and how far you want to push it.

A Little Background: On 24th December, 2012, I started a thread, "Leaving India, where to go (continued)". There I stated that am earning $500+ a day and I wish to leave India and live in Europe (by Europe I mean UK + continental Europe). At that time I faced insurmountable hurdles for a Visa and residency in Europe. The thread got a lot of attention (and a lot of haters). Many people, including senior members politely PMed me asking for at least a hint/direction of my method. But at that time, since I was extremely busy with my immigration and it was my main method earning me a lot of money, I never replied.

Fast forward 29th July, 2013: I am currently living in Milan, Italy, Europe. I have moved on to bigger projects and my earnings have comfortably exceeded 1000 Euros per day. And today am going to reveal the method, along with additional twists on it.


What Do You Need:
1) A 6 months+ old YouTube account (I believe almost all BHW members have it. When did you make your first YT account but never used it for spamming?)

2) An adsense account

3) Some money 


1) Make an YouTube account focusing on the niche CAR CRASHES, DASH CAMS and SECURITY CAMS. Link your YouTube account with Adsense and enable monetisation, which will automatically make you an YouTube partner. Make sure that you get the feature of custom thumbnails.

2) Search LiveLeak, YouTube and the internet in general for interesting DASH CAM and SECURITY CAM footages showing car crashes, mugging caught on tape etc. 

3) EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Do NOT download videos of car crashes or robberies/potentially viral which has been recorded by a pedestrian/amateur videographer with his/her mobile phone or digital camera. 

4) Begin Uploading dash cam/security cam videos. Upload custom, interesting thumbnails for every video. VERY IMPORTANT: We are making a legit channel. Don't spam and upload 100 videos at once. YouTube WILL catch you and your monetisation option will be disabled.

5) Dash Cam/Security Cam footages NEVER get DMCAed. Getting DMCAed for uploading a dash cam or security cam footage is as likely as getting struck by a thunderbolt. In the rare event a video is "Claimed" by a third party (Note: Not DMCA), just delete that video.

6) NOW PROMOTE AN EXTREMELY INTERESTING, POTENTIALLY VIRAL VIDEO PAYING MONEY TO YOUTUBE. This step makes all the difference. YouTube clicks are very cheap. Don't narrow down to any particular demographics (that will raise cost). If your video is very interesting, people WILL Like and Share it. Within a couple of days, YouTube will naturally begin to show it as video suggestion beside extremely popular videos. You will notice that your other videos are also getting views, which you are not even promoting. You will also get a bunch of subscribers.

7) Once one of your promoted videos have got a minimum of 100000 views, stop promoting it. It will now get views naturally. Choose another video and repeat the process. In the meantime, don't stop uploading videos.

8) Your channel WILL get thousands of subscribers. Once your channel has a few thousand subscribers YouTube will start featuring your channel in SUGGESTED CHANNELS. By this time, you are set. 

9) You adsense WILL skyrocket AND it will not be banned. If you implement this
method carefully, you will earn hundreds of Euros/Dollars per day with adsense.

10) Count your adsense money. 

IMPORTANT: Reason For An Old Account

If you upload videos in a new account and enable monetisation, the video(s) will go under review. If you are uploading Dash Cam, Security Cam footages and those videos go for review, you are SOL. It will get stuck in review for eternity or if you are lucky, YT will email you asking for proofs that you own all the rights. You will never be able to prove that and your monetisation application will be rejected. Even if are making your own videos where you can prove all the rights, it's very frustating to see your videos remain stuck under review while you keep emailing YT hoping that they will enable monetisation on your video.

When you upload videos in an old, clean account, videos get approved for monetisation automatically, instantly (less than 2 minutes). 

And by old, I mean the older the better.  Minimum requirement is 6 months.


This is the link:


Chances are, your old YT account doesn't have a username which goes well with the niche you now want to work on. 
Here is the solution to the problem:

Click image for larger version. 

Name: SNP_3096695_en_v0.png 
Views: 754 
Size: 62.6 KB 
ID: 35204

Go to this link and follow the instructions carefully:

BONUS TWIST FOR EUROPEANS: Europe is a fantastic place to live. I am now giving a simple bonus twist for Europeans . If you live anywhere in Europe, chances are, it's either beautiful or it's near a major world famous city. There are countless beautiful and world famous sites in Europe. Now take a GOOD QUALITY video camera, and make videos on that place. 

Example: 1)Prague City Tour
2) Bus Journey through Paris
3) Shopping in Milan (if you come here, make sure to focus on Prada, Gucci, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel stores which you see on every street).
4) Churches in Rome
5) Zurich - The Financial Capital
6) Beaches in Tuscany

# Implement my original suggestion for making your Channel and videos famous.

Crappy, low fidelity videos on above topics on YT has hundreds of thousands or even millions of views. If you make good quality, HD videos, you will get a lot of views.

# Count your adsense money. 


This method involves work, but has huge potential.

1) Open PowerPoint
2) Search TOP 10 List on Google.
3) Get an interesting article and make a REALLY NICE PowerPoint presentation of that article.
4) Convert your PowerPoint presentation to a video (Hint: Camtasia). Search Google for detailed tutorial.
5) Use Royalty Free Background Music which allows YT monetisation (without paying a dime, just credit required). There are such sites with really nice music. Search Google for such sites.
6) Implement my original suggestion for quick YouTube fame. 

7) Become a big, respected YouTuber. 

Facebook money making guide

First Step

1) Account creation : 
first i want to say that if you want to use a proxy , use private one and please know what you are doing , because facebook is a btch! 
a ) Finding photos : this is easy , just go to facebook , google or vk ( last one is great , full of hot russian chicks ) find some hot girls , and find girls with many pictures uploaded , download all of her pictures save them in a folder 
Now ! what i want you to do is to change these pictures , use gimp or even paint they are fast and light , change size add name , anything , just change the picture , and of course change the name of it ( i know this is a pain in the @ss ) but anyway it will help alot 
b ) Find a name : now you need to find a name that doesnt exist on facebook , just create a family name from your mind , that will tell facebook , that you are unique and not trying to steal someone s identity ...
c ) create the account , search for big pages full of honey guys ( adult ) and write some comments there . DONT SPAM ! just dont ! , be patient and you ll get there . when your account reachs 500 friends ( not hard ) it will grow by it own 
d ) BIG ADVICE!! : when you accept invitation , try btween 10 invitations that you accept mark one of them as a person you know in real life ( and it would be cool if you save his name ) 
e ) try to keep your account active , post something everyday , but again dont spam 
f ) repeat all of this untill you have btween 5 to 10 accounts !  

you can check lakim0 thread for some tips on how to unblocked your account if it s blocked ( if you follow my guide and dont spam , 80%¨chance you wont be blocked ) 

Second step ! :

2 ) monetization 
this is the most important part . How to make money out of this ! 
i have some ways and i hope it will help you ! 

a) MyLikes : mylikes is a site that pays you everytime someone clicks on your ad link that they gave you 
some people say mylikes dont pay , or it is ilegal on facebook 
That is wrong ! if you play by their rules they will pay you , every friday ! and it s allowed on facebook and i m still doing it ! 
just dont spam , i post 3 links on each account everyday , i have 5 accounts , every post gets me around 1$ = 15$ a day 

b ) plugrush : make a nice and cool adult blog ( not blogger they will ban you if you monetize it ) add plugrush ads to it , and drive traffic from facebook .
you can also use other social networks : twitter , tumbler... 
check this thread by reinstecker , really cool guide :
now i didnt focus on this method much , but it s making me 5$ everyday 

c) crackavenue : a adult cpa site full with cam and dating offers . 
facebook banned crackavenue offers , but that is not gonna stop us . create a cool adult landing page , find a way to post your offers there , and drive traffic from yout accounts . i dont know just tell them you are on a live cam show come and check me ( stuff like that ) 

d) Sell the accounts ! : sell them and start over ( dont ask me where , i have never done it , i m happy with the revenue coming from my profiles ) 

3) Fan page creation : make sure that you create a fan page and invite your friends to it , so even if the accounts are banned , you still have the page .. and pages are like snowballs they grow by time ( you can also create groups ) 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Guranteed Money Making Guide - 100% workable

Ok so here's the basic mindset for this method. I've come to a conclusion that "pirates" however cheap as they come, are unable to get over one big manly flaw, SEX. And my tests have proven, that pirates PAY on a higher consistency than the average online porn surfer. This translates into much higher conversion rates, with a much larger somewhat untapped market.

Here's basically what I did:

Step 1:

Get (or ahem purchase) dating guides (ebooks/videos/seminars) online. It's best to get guides that concentrate on "getting sex/dates online via dating sites". Scrape them and summarize them into an ebook less than 5 pages long. Too long of an ebook will decrease conversion rates.

Step 2:
Reword the ebook mentioning the dating sites that seem to work best for your methods. Add in 2 of your recommended dating sites' affiliate URL in the beginning and end of the ebook (more about which dating site to choose at the bottom of this guide).

Step 3 (Crucial):
Simply submitting the ebooks with titles like "How to get sex online" or "How to find horny women online" is going to get you banned. Torrent/P2P sites hates free stuff, and I'm sure the few of you who have tried this would know best. So to combat this, you want to change your title and description to something like this... "$3997 Underground Online Dating Guide - Only sold to 10 people" or any variation to this. Basically you want everyone to know that the ebook WASN'T FREE, and it costs a bomb to get such an exclusive guide. Remember to make up a guru name like "Mr. Playboy".

Step 4:
Start submitting the ebook to top torrent sites, p2p like limewire, rapidshare/megashare forums (this works very well) and finally private torrent sites (if you have access to them).

Step 5:
Change or rearrange a few sentences or paragraphs in your ebook, then change the title to something different. The basic content and affiliate link remains the same. Repeat Step 4.

Step 6:
Repeat Step 5 and 4 every few days.

Step 7:
Watch your affiliate stats grow exponentially.

Now I've tried a great number of adult dating sites, so here are two of my best performing STATS and results:

Disclaimer: These are my stats from various testing which I don't track. So you should be able to get even higher conversion rates which turns to higher per signup $$$:

#1 - Iwantu
7 uniques per FREE signup ($7.10 per free signup)
71 uniques per PAID signup ($50 *35/week* to $100 *279/week* per paid signup)
By far my best performing dating site, choose the Pay per Profile for starters and once you see more and more traffic, start using the Pay per Signup campaign instead.

#2 - AdultFriendFinder
5 uniques per FREE signup ($0.35 per click)
55 uniques per PAID signup ($100 per paid signup)
My 2nd best performing affiliate site, only Pay Per Order is worth using.

Now although AFF converts at a higher percentage than IWantU, the amount of traffic I get on IWantU is substantially higher, even when I placed the IWantU affiliate link AFTER AFF on my ebooks. I would assume that most downloaders of my ebooks already have a current account with AFF. Ultimately IWantU has much higher profits. Don't bother trying Rev/Percentage sharing, they have consistently only got me 1/4 to 1/3 the profits of per signups. Not worth it.

This guide is pretty staight forward as you can see. Try to use a valid proxy while submitting your ebooks. I don't want to gloat about how much I've earned from using this method, but let me assure you that you shouldn't have any problems seeing 4 digits per day once you get the hang of this.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Earn with facebook apps

Hello everyone, I have seen that many people around have big pages but they do not know ways to monetize through it. People here prefer doing CPA offer and all but i have experienced better ways. Facebook apps are better way to make money on facebook. Viral apps are hot now a days and with new concept you could get thousands of likes per and earn in 3 figures per day.

Step 2: Now you have facebook application. Go to facebook developers and make you own app. If you want to test you can use sandbox in it.

Step 3: Once you made your application, Sign up for facebook ad companies. I personally use Lifestreetmedia.

Step 4: Put your ads on app and promote with you pages.

PS: Earning with facebook application varies with type of traffic

Earn 10-20$ per day with PPD! (Guide for newbies).

1. 1) Register in websites: <- Non refferal link. ( I like Uploadjet , coz admin is very good, and I know him, btw uploadjet is legit and pays..

2) Register in Forum.

2. Okey. Registered?

Go to -> Movies. Choose movie, download it, and upload it to uploadjet, BUT if You have slow internet, You can use remote upload.  than You just write in search for movies "2012 FF" (this is for newest movies), "(Movie title) FF" here is Your choosed movie, but You need to find movie with working pictures.
Here is example:

Ok, founded working movie, with pictures.
NEXT - Go to uploadjet or other file hosting. Go to Your movie tab from and copy FileFactory download URL, than go to Uploadjet -> Upload Files -> Remote URL Upload -> And paste it!
It should look like this:

BTW, my internet speed is just 30kb/s.

Uploaded movie. After that go to -> Movies -> Post New Thread . Copy movie title from Your suggested movie and change [RS/JF/FF] -< it or it can be different to it [UJ], or [UPLOADJET].

Now let's write more about movie:
1. You need cover for it:
Copy "Image link" from Your suggested movie and paste in Your threads [img][/img] tags.

2. You need some info about movie from imdb and some info about movies quality.
For IMDB go to: and copy paste Your movie from IMDB or write just Your movie title, don't afraid if IMDBER can't found Your movie, just don't write imdb info.

Movie quality You must copy from Your suggester movie:

Next, Images:
You just need to copy those images links from suggested movie and copy to Your threads [img][/img] tags.

And You should ADD "Download Link"
Add it in tags.

After all steps You need to save Your thread and BINGO!

*Insert Your IMDB info, Movie quality and movie plot into tags.
**Please others say thanks in the end of Your thread, becouse warez-bb is very popular forum, and others will see Your thread for only few minutes.
***Than someone writes "Thanks" to Your thread reply it with "Enjoy" or something like this.
****Try to add some good looking buttons like:

IMDB Info:
Download Here:

You need to draw them.
*****Use others warez forums, just google "Top ten warez forums".
******I will give FileFactory premium for my refferals
******* DON'T COPY MOVIES IMAGES FROM GOOGLE, copy images from exactly movie quality! If You don't follow this rule, Your movie with Fake quality pictures will be deleted
I will add more tips

If You will be active member, have many posts, You will get many more posts

Q&A From My PM box:
1) I see only is allowed for remote upload sites. How do I use FileFactory URLs for remote upload?
2) How much do they pay (uploadjet)? I see their table with detailed earning list, is it for every 1000 downloads.
3) Also, how many threads do you think I'll need to earn @10 per day?
4) Any other PPD site that you can recommend with remote URL option enabled?

1. Tell me Your username in uploadjet, if You are my ref, I will give You premium You need to go to my account and You will see table where You can enter usernameassword this applies remote upload
3. Better and newest movies > Older movies. You need to upload everyday about 10-30 good threads Than You will earn moooore than 10$
4. Ok, we will tolk about this in skype: ewaldas1232 , but later

Make $90 in 3 days with Torrent

Follow these steps..

1) You need to download uTorrent - this program is free and can be downloaded on their website

2) Find a HOT topic to base this on. Check out the Upcoming Movie's list and pick a movie that is coming out in around a month from now. I chose Harry Potter & the deathly Hallows part 2.

3) Find a trailer for that movie and download it. Use a Youtube downloader to download from Youtube.

4) Now rename the trailer to something like, "HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 LEAKED INTRO". The main words in this are "leaked intro". People would now be more interested.

5) Create a NEW WINRAR ARCHIVE. You should now have an empty archive with nothing in it.

6) Now go to your trailer, right click it, and then click "Add to Archive". You will get a box titled, "Archive name and parameters". Go to the "Advanced" tab, and then click "Set password". After you have created your password, click "OK". Depending on where your output destination was, you should now see that archive you just made.

7) So, now you have 2 archives. One with the trailer which is password protected and one with nothing in it. Now, open the one with nothing in it and drag the archive with the trailer into it. Click "OK" if you get any message boxes.

8) Now when you open the archive we FIRST created, you will see that the trailer archive is inside and when you try to watch the trailer, it asks for the password. Yeah? Great.

9) Now close everything and open the archive we FIRST made. Now, create a NOTEPAD file. In the notepad file, write your password for the locked archive and save it as "READ ME- PASSWORD FOR LEAKED INTRO".

10) Make an account with Sharecash and upload the text file. Now, people will have to complete a short survey to download the password. You get paid up to $1 for each download.

11) Now create another notepad file and put in the download link for your sharecash text file we just uploaded. Then save this file in your ARCHIVE and name it, "READ ME- PASSWORD". Make sure you do NOT password protect this.

12) FINAL RESULT - Now when people try to open the trailer, they will be asked to enter a password. They will then read the notepad file (which should not be password protected) and they will visit the sharecash URL to download the password.

13) You will make money from this every time they download.

How do I actually create a torrent?

Now that you have actually made the whole file, you need to make it a .torrent to start uploading to websites like ThePirateBay.

1) Open uTorrent. Click "File" and then click "Create new torrent".

2) When it says "Select source", just find where you saved the archive and locate it. Then click "Add File"

3) Then click "Create and save as". You will then get a box asking you where you want the .torrent file saved. Just choose DESKTOP.

4) Now on your desktop, you will see a .torrent file with the uTorrent icon. Inside this torrent is the archive we just built!

5) Now go to websites like ThePirateBay and create an account with them. Then upload the .torrent file and watch as your money starts rolling in. On your first day, you wont make much but keep it going!

P.S - If your file gets removed from Thepiratebay, clear cookies, open a new account and repeat same process.

I know I am new here but I will CONTINUE bringing you awesome, EASY ways to make money - 100% n00b friendly. I would also thank you a lot if you give me + Rep. Thanks for reading.

Earn $0.75 - $5+ a day with your iDevice (IOS6+)


Some of you may or may not know about the IOS and Android applications on the app-store that allows you to earn PayPal cash. I have done a little snooping around here to see if this method is already published but I couldn’t find it.

iDevice running: IOS 6 +

Step 1: Download PhotoRewards from the app-store, if you can’t find it click here

Step 2: Open the Application and go through the tutorial (automatically pops-up)

Step 3: To get started simply click one of the apps under “Upload Pictures for Points” category.

Step 4: When you find an application (offer) you want to download from the application store, simply click it and press download.. Let the application run for about 20-30seconds and screenshot the App.

Step 5: After you have taken the screenshot go back to the PhotoRewards app and upload the screenshot in order to gain your coins.

750 coins = $0.75

But as a new user to PhotoRewards you get quiet a few 100-450 coin offers, you can also enter referral codes to help boost your coins.

Sometimes the application (PhotoRewards) gives you a notification on when to upload the screenshot but majority of the time you can upload before the screenshot. Some applications take longer than others too, so please do be patient.

Exploiting the app:
There are a few ways you can earn double the points.
If you have more then one iDevice, do this on both of them.
In order for it to work, every different device you use has to have a different apple ID (that way it lets you do it again)

The other way you can do it (not recommended unless you use a iPod or something )
is basically the same thing, on a different device with a different apple id, do the same thing you did on the first device and you can restore the device after you run out of good apps and you can do it again. BUT BE SURE for each different device its a different apple id.
If you do restore the device so you can do it as many times as you want make sure you do this:
when you restore it, set it up as a new iphone or what ever it is, DONT USE A BACKUP
And be sure to redeem the points first.

If you would like to earn anywhere from 0 to 4500 FREE points enter the bonus code "openshift".

Payment Proof:

Click To Earn